"The Best Investment

You Could Make"

- Marcy Cole, Awakened World Pilgrim

Learn about the physical, emotional and spiritual journeys

our Awakened World Pilgrims experienced as they walked this unique pilgrimage path with us to connect
more deeply with themselves, with humanity and with our planet.

“Going to all these sacred places and practicing there and feeling all the energy that with the practice you have a benefit of feeling connected —I think a lot of the time if you’re a tourist you go through and your guide is telling you all these historical facts but a lot of the time if they’re not someone like Dawa they don’t take the time, even if they know and it’s in their heart they might not take the time to share the spiritual facts.”

Eva Barberi, Awakened World Pilgrims

“For me, as much as I’ve travelled it’s always been a viewing... I think I had fear before... but I’m not afraid anymore.”

Kathryn Marin, Awakened World Pilgrims